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This website with information about off-campus housing is provided as a convenience to students and landlords/rental agencies. The information provided on this website concerning rental properties is provided by landlords/rental agencies, and neither George Mason University (Mason) nor Off Campus Partners, LLC (Off Campus Partners) makes any representations or warranties that any of the information listed on this website about the properties is accurate. Neither Mason nor Off Campus Partners has inspected or approved any of the listings. Neither Mason nor Off Campus Partners makes any warranties or representations concerning any property listed on this website. Mason and Off Campus Partners expressly disclaim any and all responsibility for any problems that may arise with regard to any property or with regard to disputes between landlords and tenants. In addition, Mason and Off Campus Partners do not in any way recommend or discourage certain proprietors or facilities. The tenant assumes full responsibility for location, condition, and contractual terms of the off-campus rental. Mason and Off Campus Partners do not screen students for landlords/rental agencies. Mason and Off Campus Partners operate under the assumption that landlords/rental agencies who post properties on this site conduct business within the guidelines of the law. Mason and Off Campus Partners expect that landlords/rental agencies comply with all non-discriminating housing laws and reserves the right to refuse a listing that is not in compliance with these or other laws. Additionally, Mason and Off Campus Partners reserve the right to not publish or remove any listings from this website if deemed to be in the best interest of Mason. Notification to landlords/rental agencies is not required.