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Unusual Career-Advancing / Soc-Entrepreneurship House $760 for 1/2 room, Clarendon Metro

1300 N. Irving Street Arlington, VA 22201

$760 for each SPACE in this BR with 2 spaces (w room dividers ). (Ignore if it says 760/BR)

Unusual Career-Advancing / Soc-Entrepreneurship House $760 for 1/2 room, Clarendon Metro

Total Monthly Rent:
$760 per bedroom
1 bed / 2.5 bath house
1 occupants max
Earliest Move-In: 8/5/19
Lease End: 12/15/19
Security Deposit: $200
1300 N. Irving Street Arlington, VA 22201
  • Washer/Dryer in Unit
  • Electricity, Gas, Heat, High-Speed Internet, Recycling, Trash Removal, Water/Sewer included
  • On-Street Parking
  • Pets Not Allowed


Our house is in part an experiment in "co-living" - a national housing trend that is growing out of the coworking movement (like We Work, which has just launched We Live.)

This is also an unusual "career-advancing" house - some housemates will share our philosophy that the place where anyone lives increasingly needs to be a place of both learning and relationship-building that will advance one's career and life.

As an example of one of the activities we engage in (participation is optional), I conduct an ongoing career-advancing Internet radio show "What Color Is Your Catapult." You can join on the air, discussing your career goals, using first name/nickname/no name, ask questions of experts and others seeking to advance their careers in DC or elsewhere. A link to an example of this radio program, from Feb 2019 with three aspiring people (late 20s but all ages are welcome) is given on the Contact page of this listing, in case you would like to access the audio fil.e

Though we do now have one or two private spaces (please inquire), mostly we share rooms here to cut costs dramatically, but we do have room dividers to add privacy. We enjoy the camaraderie of sharing! We have several bedrooms with two people in each. We have a more rustic space available at times, for less money, contact us. Our central easy location means that you will save a lot of money, and a lot of time (time = money), by living here. You'll also save on stress, because so much is located in easy fast walking distance. This makes Clarendon the #1 most expensive neighborhood in Virginia (it's true), but we have it - with think - at a very reasonable price.

The vibrant neighborhood of Clarendon has amazing coffee shops, restaurants, night spots, libraries, parks, free athletic facilities. Within six blocks are Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, Barnes and Noble, and an Apple Computer Store.

This house is most of all about joining a great, small community of friends - interesting people who place high value on conversations about the great ideas and books of today and the past.

We are on a quiet street, but we are just a few blocks from the center of one of the most popular neighborhoods in the DC area -- Clarendon.

We sometimes share meals and often a few of us will go to events together or venues of all kinds nearby.

Many of us also have a strong interest in social entrepreneurship: that is, we ask the question - How can anyone launch a new social-benefit idea and have the project generate enough income to support it and the innovators launching it?

Our house is tightly connected with social-innovation/entrepreneurial community -- here, in California, and around the world. These connections might help you launch a fascinating career with new opportunities.

I also conduct Internet radio talk/interview programs on career, in connection with a nonprofit community radio/television/new-media studio just blocks from our front door, where I was on the board of directors for three years.

This facility could help you advance your career, given its ability to attract amazing people in any professional field to become involved and be on the air - and we can make them available to you as potential mentors.

We'd love to learn about your career interests, schooling, ideas, passions, outdoor interests, experience in shared-living, what books or music you love best -- or whatever else you'd like to share!

Thank you for your interest in our house.

1300 N. Irving Street Arlington, VA 22201
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